Developmental Education

Developmental Education is a one on one support service to assess and assist with skills development. This service can be funded under NDIS Capacity Building Supports and is tailored to the participant’s goals. Our Developmental Educator Marion Dalziel has significant experience and qualifications in relation to disability specific services and is happy to meet with you to discuss the services you require.

RRRSI are now offering Developmental Education Services including the following areas;
  • Teaching functional life skills including social, communication, self-care, daily living, recreation, and employment. Assisting people with a disability to set and attain individual goals
  • Working and liaising with families, service providers, allied health professionals, and community members to enhance the choice, social inclusion and quality of life for people with disability
  • Facilitating self-advocacy and / or advocate on behalf of people with disabilities
  • Helping families, caregivers and individuals with disability understand the impact of disability on a person’s daily functioning
  • Personal Development and Safety – including using SHINE SA resources
  • Parental support, education, and guidance
  • Budget and finance setting management
  • SLEEP WISE program
  • Toilet Training
  • Relaxation and Stress Reduction
  • Resilience and well-being