How does it work? How does it happen?

Supported Accommodation offers people with a disability the opportunity to attain independence by living in their local communities with the necessary support provided.

Supported Accommodation is required due to changes in the family circumstances (e.g. ageing parents, health) or the desire to provide a living environment that is as normative as possible, moving out from one’s parents home and establishing one’s own living environment. RRRSI is committed to support the development of regional supported accommodation options for local people and to ensure that said options are focused to developing peoples ‘homes’ rather than ‘houses’.

Supported Accommodation usually entails up to 5 people sharing a home, with the provision of staff support for the times required.

Families and prospective residents are included in the planning and transition process to enable all parties to participate in the overall process.

The overall responsibility of developing, funding and selecting all aspects remain with the relevant Government Agency, Disability SA.

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